Maximize your organization's effectiveness by bridging customers, employees and technology.

Our core belief is that businesses are challenged to meet customer and market demands measured in months, not years. Choices for technology and workflow have never been more abundant for both employees and customers. Yet they require simple solutions. We help organizations transform and navigate the complex so that we can find the simple.
Kenneth Cheung
Ken started his career in the back office at a Toronto based management analytics startup when the balanced scorecard methodology was still a fad. Throughout his career, Ken worked his way through progressive technology and transformation roles that have spanned a wide spectrum of industry domains including healthcare risk, platform engineering, financial crime, capital markets, and retail banking. Ken has experience working in, operating, and helping to re-engineer a wide array of corporate, agency and technology startup business models. Ken deeply cares about humans, the future of work, organizational diversity, and the cultural agility of organizations. At efektiv, Ken works with clients directly on their growth strategy to achieve prosperity faster through harmony in their operations, employee effectiveness and the pragmatic application of technology.
Eric Yu
Eric started his career application development before laying grassroots in process re-engineering. With a strong analytical background and a data driven decision-making approach, he has worked throughout his career with mid to large sized enterprise clients on complex transformative initiatives. His strategic visions and oversight bring a new level of innovation to meet business objectives and achieve results within multiple verticals including financial, retail, energy, manufacturing and supply chain. He cares deeply about workplace efficiency and designing solutions that compliment how employees can effectively work with technology without over-complication. At efektiv, Eric brings his cumulative experience and successful track record to all engagements to define and implement solutions in business re-engineering, digital marketing, e-commerce operations, ERP and application design selection and implementation.

How We Help

We design business and technology solutions that combine employee workflow, operational processes, custom and existing applications into a single high performing ecosystem. We understand how to work with legacy technology and their limitations to get the best outcome for customers and employees who hunger for simplicity. We weave workflow, process and systems to minimize the impact of custom development and costly integration. We guide program implementations to ensure that they stay on track. Budgets and timelines are table stakes, but we also ensure projects achieve their business goals no matter what road blocks are encountered. We are the glue that every project needs to bridge between the business, marketing, design and development.


Requirements Definition
Truly define what your business needs are. Minimize the churn in functional requirements that drive decisions which enable maximum growth and employee satisfaction..
Technology Road Map
Define roadmaps that deliver value as quickly as possible without sacrificing longterm strategy. Create realistic budgets that support the roadmap steps that ensure investment is correctly weighted over time.
Platform Evaluation
Gain a truly independent view of platforms relevent to your business. Leverage our experience across several vertical domain areas to get a more complete perspective. Avoid pitfalls that could adversely affect your transformation journey.
Platform Implementation
Oversee application specific implementation vendors to ensure that applications are configured in the right way, without loss of sight to the business need or the overall solution goal.
Application Integration
Find the right way to integrate data across applications for business need, data strategy and scalability. Plan your data sets so that they can be used without modification or further refinement.
Change Management
Truly understand your business, technology, employees and customers. With careful design, existing operations can complement new workflows for future models. Meticulously balance these concepts to create a comprehensive path forward.

Our Advisory Circle

Our advisory circle members are experienced thought leaders that bring their unique perspective to the effective and agile organization. Each member has commited to keep efektiv relevant on the pulse of modern day business in their respective fields and domains. By working with and alongside these domain experts, often times to cross-pollinate strategies across domains, efektiv is able to ensure that we create solutions that are universally heralded as innovative, fresh, and harmonious.


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